The path to rowing on land


row on stamina

The perfect place to start... 

Combines wave intervals of rowing with high-intensity bodyweight exercises for a heart-pounding, metabolic challenge that is fun yet highly effective. 

Stamina will push your limits for maximal caloric burn and improved cardiovascular performance.

row on strength

The next step...

This class combines steady-state rowing with strength training super-sets for a demanding, but rewarding full-body workout.

Strength will make you longer, leaner, meaner and ready for more.


row on mobility

Getting in to the nitty-gritty of mobility... 

Within rowing intervals you'll focus on core strength, grinding out and releasing knotted muscles and strengthening your flexibility with it-hurts-so-good body work. 

Mobility will take down the temp, but amp up the power of flexibility.


row on agility 

Not for the timid hearted... 

Every part of your body is worked in the heart-pumping, fast-paced class. Rapid switching between rowing and strength training intervals, this class tests your strength and mental fortitude. No breaks. No excuses.

Agility lets you leave it all on the floor.


Abs, abs, and more abs...

Combines rowing intervals with intense bodyweight sequences that target the entire core including the abs, obliques, lower back and hips.

Stability will condition your core like no other workout you’ve ever experienced.


The fine print: Class sign-up closes one hour before the start of each class.  There's no charge for cancellations over 24-hours in advance of the start of a class.  Any class reservation cancelled within 24-hours of the start of a class will be charged as "attended".