Often single-sport athletes, and even triathletes, are so focused on their sport that they forget the benefits of cross training.  Rowing, because of its low-impact, high cardiovascular intensity is by nature the perfect cross training tool for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and just about everyone else...

For runners

Reducing Injury - Replacing just one or two recovery runs with a low-impact workout like rowing reduces the amount of repetitive impact, in turn reducing the chance of injury.

Increased Stride Power - Like jump squats, rowing works to increase power in the legs, in turn increasing a runner's stride power.

The Go-to for Injury Recovery - Because it's low-impact by nature, and running and rowing have similar cardiovascular benefits, injured runners can turn to rowing during rehabilitation.

The Power of Posture - The rowing stroke pulls the body upright, opens the chest and strengthens the core, helping runners strengthen their postural muscles and build a taller, stronger posture and stride. 

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For cyclists

Posture, Posture, Posture - The rowing stroke strengthens the mid and lower back, and requires an upright and open chest. This movement counterbalances the rounded, folded-over posture of cycling, creating an overall better balanced posture.

Reducing Injury - As with running, replacing just one or two shorter distance recovery rides, or hour-long spin class, with rowing decreases the possibility of repetitive motion injury.

Speed Work - Like cycling short, steep hill repeats, rowing helps to build short-term bursts of sustained intense cardiovascular energy.  Thereby helping to build speed and mental fortitude.

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